Have you heard?

We're a free network for women who are starting their career, or changing career. 

We hold quarterly meetups (or at least, we will when the current restrictions on meetings in London are lifted), and host a podcast, available now on Anchor FM, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radiopublic and more.

When you're starting a career - whether you've known what you want to be since you were little or you're just figuring it out - there are a lot of things to navigate. Sometimes, you might not know what questions to ask, especially if you're the first person in your family to take your new career path. 

That's where Stride comes in.

We seek out inspirational, successful women across a range of fields, and ask them about their experiences, so you can learn about the challenges and highlights of different industries. Whether you want to be an author, a lawyer, an academic or a plumber, we've spoken to someone who can inspire and empower you!

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