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How has Covid-19 changed your work? Part 2

A few days ago, we shared some experiences of how Covid-19 has changed the way women are working. Since then, we've been sent more stories from different sectors, which we're sharing below!

If you'd like to tell us how your company, college or university has responded to lockdown, please send us a message via the Ask page.

From a market researcher:

“As a mid-size agency I think my company is very worried about the future, and keeping everyone in a job, as the virus progresses. They followed government advice which, as the “work from home” statement was announced at 5:30pm on a Monday evening, gave them very little time between the announcement and telling us to take laptops home!

That said, they kept the office open for 2 days in case we needed to go get anything and they have also offered to send IT equipment out. I think quite a big problem in my team anyway is that we all live in flats so there isn't a dedicated place to set up an 'office' space while you are still trying to live (I'm using my dining table, so need to get everything packed away at the end of the day) so while they are willing to send stuff out, it hasn't really been taken up.

In terms of wellbeing, we’ve had lots of check-ins, updates on good news, a new 'company vision' for how we are dealing with corona, team drinks and quizzes over Teams, and they also have wellbeing champions who have set up subscription to a service where you can have virtual counselling. Also a big push on doing exercise, getting out in the sunshine, etc.”

From the finance/investment sector:

“I have actually just emailed my CEO this morning to say thanks for what he’s been doing as I’ve been really impressed. We’ve been getting regular video updates and written updates. He’s been really reassuring and telling people to take regular breaks and to put families first, they’re doing weekly recipes for people to upload and share globally, weekly newsletters and updates from charities we’re supporting and people who have positive news to share.

They’re also trying to reassure people about redundancies, which are pretty much inevitable, and all members of the executive committee are supposedly cutting back on unnecessary expenditure in order to try and reduce the impact.

Key teams all have laptops and before we went into shutdown, when things were getting bad, we all got told to make sure our laptop was working or we had remote access. We then got emails every few days saying how the IT system was supporting everyone - where the issues were, how long it would take to improve, etc. We get told at times to try and work from just our phones if possible when there’s mass traffic. We also get regular “top tips” for mental health/ IT shortcuts / how to sit at desk/ how to be productive and work less hours.”

From the commercial construction industry:

“My work has helped with WFH equipment and has been incredibly supportive. We have a daily call with the team which is purely for checking everyone is ok, not for work chat. IT has worked pretty well for everyone, as far as I know.

Our CEO is emailing the whole group regularly in a new style newsletter, with business updates and news, also making sure they share good news in a 'Random acts of Kindness' section.

They've also announced 'Check-In Tuesday'. The whole company has been sent a very simple Google form to complete, with boxes for ‘how are you feeling’, ‘do you feel you know enough about what's happening’, ‘anything you need’ and ‘what's your status right now’ (WFH, furloughed etc). So they can keep an eye on the overall mental health of everyone.

They've also made an internal home page for Covid-19 with everything from news to how to keep your kids busy. They are really trying very hard. I think the internal Comms team are doing an incredible job.”

How has coronavirus affected you? Are you working or studying at home, or are you a frontline worker? Share your experiences in the comments or via the Ask page!

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